Megan Livie was born in Boston, MA, and grew up in New Hampshire. After living on the east coast for 17 years, she moved out west to California. She is currently a first year student at San Francisco Art Institute (SFAI), working towards her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art & Technology with a minor in Photography. In 2014, Livie founded her freelance business, Megan Livie Photography, where she shot digital portraits and fashion photography. Since attending SFAI, her practice has evolved to incorporate analogue photography in documentation of symmetry in nature. Her practice has also evolved to incorporate graphic design, specifically with illustration and typography. Livie’s fascination with the natural symmetry of trees and plants began when she grew up in New Hampshire. She admired the way that plants and animals are naturally symmetrical, while the human world is a composed, perfectected type of symmetrical. Through her work, she strives to connect humans and nature to the same roots.

Instagram: @meganlivie_photography