The WAM is Wayfair's asset management system,

hosting 2D and 3D assets of models, customer images

and stylist files.

WAM Use-Cases

Current WAM Design

and User Feedback

What does the customer do? What information do they look for? What is their context?

  • Stylists, artists, producers, and merchandise coordinators search the WAM for 2D and 3D imagery assets

  • Merchandise coordinators build WAM boards of assets for stylists and artists to use in 3D imagery scenes

  • Stakeholders store imagery and 3D models in the WAM, as well as stylist files and customer product images

Screen Shot 2022-06-02 at 11.59.56 AM.png
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Screen Shot 2022-06-02 at 12.02.06 PM.png

Users reported that the home page provided too many filter options and quick action boxes that were not relevant to their search needs.

Users only found some of the quick action buttons useful for their searches.

The metadata in the filter options are not accurate enough to utilize. Users feel a lack of trust in the accuracy of the WAM filters, so they avoid using most of the filter options.

Users reported that too many filter options crowd the interface. 

Users reported that a lack of preview images greatly hinders the search and download process for imagery scenes.

Users report avoiding using the WAM unless absolutely necessary due to a crowded interface, inaccurate data, and missing information.

What does the customer want to achieve or avoid?


  • Locate 3D models and 2D/3D imagery

  • Organize assets into boards for scene building

  • Store 3D/2D assets for future use


  • Unnecessary/inaccurate searching filters

  • Cluttered navigation

  • Files being tagged incorrectly

  • Missing preview images

  • Slow load time

  • The customer feels a lack of trust in the accuracy of the WAM filters due to inaccurate data and a lack of user research

  • The customer avoids using the WAM unless completely necessary because the UI is crowded and the data is inaccurate

What is the customer feeling?